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CPC Board Members

Kathleen Frome, President, holds a BS and a Master's degree in Education of the Deaf. She taught deaf children in the public school systems for ten years and was for many years a licensed Social Worker, working with people with developmental disabilities. She is also a Certified Professional Midwife and has dedicated her work of the past 27 years to restoring beauty, continuity and harmony with Nature to the birth process.

Kathy Crowe, Vice President, has a Master's degrees in English literature. She has specialized in communications for over 30 years, including work as a newspaper writer, editor, reporter and designer. Her current focus is visual communications, particularly web, graphic and book design. She is also a certified tai chi instructor.

Laraine Lippe, Finance Coordinator, BA in Linguistics, MIA, MBA, has worked as a Project Manager in both the non-profit and corporate worlds. Outside of her project management work, one of her greatest interests (and joys) is to find funding for worthwhile humanitarian projects. While working recently as a volunteer in a small village in Ghana, she established a Community Fund that enables local fishermen and farmers to gain easier access to the larger bank loans they need to expand their businesses. She also manages a scholarship fund that enables young AIDS orphans to attend primary school in Burkina Faso.

Geri Dino, PhD, is a Professor in the West Virginia University School of Public Health. She directs the West Virginia Prevention Research Center, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the Community Engagement Program for the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute, funded by the National Institutes of Health. She has over 15 years of leadership experience bringing together researchers, health care providers, communities, and state and national partners to conduct and publish research that improves health and reduces disease risk. Her leadership approach is highly collaborative, blending heart, mind, and purposeful action. She has received over 15 million dollars of grant funding. She has an internationally-recognized program of research in adolescent smoking, and developed an effective, teen smoking cessation program that has reached over 300,000 US teens. She has taught courses in leadership and research translation for health. She reviews grants, serves on state and national public health committees and Boards for health-related organizations, and provides consultation on strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and community engaged research.

Mary Dino, LCSW, is the Director of Social Work and Child Welfare Training at the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services' Martha K. Selig Educational Institute. She has worked with families of youth in out-of-home placements for 15 years, and for the past six years has co-developed and managed multi-disciplinary training programs for various initiatives at the intersection of mental health, trauma, child welfare, substance abuse and cultural issues. A main focus of her work is on educating organizations about trauma-informed practices and ways to identify and alleviate secondary traumatic stress among workers, believing that such knowledge and practices lead to a more peaceful life personally and in community. Ms. Dino has been a student of eastern spiritual practices since 1986.

Susan B. Lord, MD, Executive Director, is a holistic family physician specializing in lifestyle medicine and psychospiritual counseling. She has a significant background in curriculum development and teaching, enjoys writing and has lectured in a variety of public and professional forums throughout the country. Her trauma experience includes working with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in war-torn countries such as Bosnia and Kosovo. Dr. Lord also worked in NYC post 9/11 and in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Lord is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, where she co-founded the Holistic Medicine Interest Group. She received her BA from Smith College where she majored in religious studies.

CPC Advisory Board Members

Ruth Bamela Engo-Tjega is the Chief Executive and co-founder of the AAA (African Action on AIDS) and has been the CPC's inspirational liaison for our People to People Project, Monterey Meets Ngalla. Engo-Tjega served in different capacities at the United Nations (UNIFEM, DESA, the office of the Special Coordinator for Africa (OSSA), with responsibility for issues related to poverty eradication, microfinance and fostering dialogue among development partners, including the civil society. She co-founded the Advocates for African Food Security in 1986, and was also a founding member and president of the United Nations African Mothers' Association. She was featured on "A Roll Call of Africa's Distinguished Daughters" in 1995, and on "International Women Speak—The Emergence of Women's Global Leadership" in 2000. She has been member of the Club of Rome since 1991. Among honors she has received in recognition of her work are an Honorary Doctorate from Wilson University ( Pennsylvania ) in 1992, the United Nations Environment Program's Global Youth Award in 1994, and the Global Civil Society Champion conferred to her by the World Federation of United Nations Associations in 2002.

Colin Goddard. On April 16th, 2007, Colin Goddard was a college student in the 4th year of his degree program at Virginia Tech. On the same day, Seung-Hui Cho, an English student with a history of mental illness, locked the doors to Norris Hall and began randomly shooting those inside. Forty-nine people were shot and thirty-two of them were killed before Cho finally killed himself. Colin survived after being shot four times, and three bullets remain in his body. After he recovered from his injuries, Colin returned to school and graduated with his degree in International Studies. In the years following, Colin watched further shootings happen to other people. He felt compelled to share his experience of gun violence. He is currently working with The Brady Initiative to foster sound gun control and improve public safety. He has become a prominent, national spokesperson for this initiative.

Daniel Entin is the Director of the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York City. Nicholas Roerich is known first and foremost as a Russian-born artist. His paintings, of which there are thousands around the world, explore the mythic origins, the natural beauty, and the spiritual strivings of humanity and of the world. Under Daniel's stewardship, the museum displays approximately two hundred of these works, and keeps them permanently on display for visitors who come from around the world. Indeed, for many of these visitors, the museum is a destination of great importance; the paintings speak to them of their own inner yearnings and possible fulfillment. For them, Roerich's paintings are a kind of teaching—about spiritual development, about culture and its role in human life, and about opportunities for the achievement of peace in a fractious world.

Nanette Hucknall co-founded and was President of The Center for Peace through Culture from 1978 to 1990, when it was based in New York City. She helped form branches in Toronto, Canada, Lenox, MA, San Antonio, TX and San Francisco, CA. In 2001 she was instrumental in restarting the Center for Peace through Culture in Massachusetts, and was a member of the Board for several years before joining the Advisory Board. She has been a career therapist and psychotherapist 25 years. She is also the Founder and President of the Higher Self Yoga, Inc. Her published books include Karma, Destiny and Your Career, Higher Self Yoga: Books One and Two, The Rose and the Sword, and How to Live From Your Heart: Attract Loving Relationships, Access your Innate Creativity, and Overcome Blocks to Claiming Happiness. In addition to her work with Higher Self Yoga, Nanette has been a career therapist and psychotherapist for 25 years.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich was a U.S. Representative, serving from 1997 to 2013 . He is a strong advocate for peace in the individual and social spheres, and in national and foreign policy. He believes that our government must develop a new broad-based approach to peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution, both domestically and abroad. He supports a government that will hold non-violence as an organizing principle in our society, and help to create the conditions for a more peaceful world. Since being elected to Congress, Kucinich has been a tireless advocate for worker rights, civil rights and human rights. Kucinich has authored and co-sponsored legislation to create a national health care system, preserve Social Security, lower the costs of prescription drugs, provide economic development through infrastructure improvements, abolish the death penalty, provide universal prekindergarten, create a Department of Peace, regulate genetically engineered foods, repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, and provide tax relief to working class families.

Steven A. Small, MS of Education with a Specialty in reading, has been an educator for 40 years. He is passionate about making sure that students' needs are front and center. He has emphasized a deep passion for learning, literacy, and self-confidence as a way of students embracing education and accepting who they are. Steve has taken the CPC Belief's Workshop and adapted it for a sixth grade curriculum.

Paul Winter's musical realm has long embraced the traditions of the world's cultures, as well as the extraordinary voices of what he refers to as "the greater symphony of the Earth." His concert tours and recording expeditions have taken him to thirty-seven countries and to wilderness areas on six continents, where he has traveled on rafts, mules, dog sleds, horses, kayaks, sailboats, steamers, tug-boats and Land Rovers. In recognition of his musical contributions to the environment, Winter has received a Global 500 Award from the United Nations, the Award of Excellence from the United Nations Environment Program, the Joseph Wood Krutch Medal for service to animals from the United States Humane Society, and the Peace Abbey's Courage of Conscience Award among others. Recently his work as musician and as musical ambassador for the natural world has been honored with the Connecticut Music Educators' Association Music Advocate of the Year Award, an Alumni Merit Award from Northwestern University, the National Arbor Day's Promise to the Earth Award, an honorary doctorate from Juniata College, Pennsylvania, and the Spirit of the City Award presented at New York's Cathedral of St John the Divine.

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