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Announcing our Weekend Workshops!

Living from the Heart and Mind: LifeSchool for Teachers

Sponsored by the Center for Peace through Culture
Support from Berkshire United Way
Calling all teachers, parents and caretakers! Join Susan Lord and Julie
Pellerin-Herrera in this 5-part, experiential series on living a healthy,
creative life at home and in the classroom. LifeSchool provides science-
based education about the effects of stress and offers a new perspective and
lifestyle skills to live with more joy and less stress, more meaning and less
disconnect. The ultimate goal is to live a more peaceful, resilient and loving
life, transforming relationships with children.

Each workshop will provide an experience of deep connection and well-being
through yoga, breathwork, meditation, relaxation, journaling, imagery and
Nurtured Heart Approach. All workshops are from 2:00-5:00pm. Certificates
of attendance are available.

● WHO SHOULD COME: everyone who loves children, including
educators, parents, caregivers and social service workers
● WHERE: Berkshire Yoga Dance and Fitness at 55 North St #201,
● COST: $22/session or $90 for all 5 sessions

ALL CROSBY STAFF can attend for FREE, just email

EVENTBRITE LINK to PURCHASE (to share with non-Crosby attendees):

FEBRUARY 8: BREATHE WITH HEART Experience the power of breath
and yoga to change your body, your mind and your life.
THE SCIENCE: How we Respond to Life

Experience ways we can shift perspective to connect with others, including
intense children and adults.
THE SCIENCE: How we Heal and Change

MARCH 21: TEACH YOUR CHILDREN Playfully pass on the power of
mindfulness to children through child-centered breathwork, games, yoga
stories and deep relaxation.
THE SCIENCE: Developing self-regulation

APRIL 4: LOVING-KINDNESS JOURNEY Replenish your well of love,
peace, gratitude with guided meditation, compassionate yoga and deep rest.
THE SCIENCE: The Power of Positive Psychology

MAY 2: OPENING YOUR HEART Deepening your practice of the Nurtured
Heart Approach and taking your practice home.
THE SCIENCE: Developing Emotional Intelligence