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Lili Clendenning, Treasurer

Lili is a clinical counsellor with 16 years of experience working in private practice and for a large government health organization.  For the past 10 years she has been part of an interdisciplinary team at a mental health clinic in the Downtown Eastsie of Vancouver, providing services to a population that experiences a high rate of mental illness, addiction, impoverishment and trauma. 

Lili is honored to be able to help individuals on their healing journeys.  She is inspired by their courage and uplifted with joy to see them reclaim their lives and move forward on their journeys of recovery. 

Lili has practiced meditation and Eastern yogic practices for over 30 years.  She brings this compassionate wisdom philosophy into her counselling practice. 

Lili has experience being a member of a Board of Directors.  She is currently the Treasurer for a 50 unit non-profit cooperative housing, overseeing the financial stability of the co-op.   


"I am dedicated to helping individuals cultivate peace and harmony in their lives. I find the work CPC is doing to cultivate individual, community and worldwide peaceful living incredibly inspiring."