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Nanette Hucknall, Co-founder

Nanette’s passion, vision, and experience were instrumental in the creation of CPC in New York City in 1978. As CPC’s co-founder, she drew on her diverse experiences as a therapist, career counselor, writer, artist, and art director. Nanette was President of CPC, guiding the organization through its early development and in 2001, after the events of 9/11, she brought CPC to the Berkshires.

Nanette holds a BA from Cooper Union and was an art director for many years at a range of agencies, companies and organizations.  

Trained in psychosynthesis, she has spent a lifetime exploring and teaching people how to cultivate a peaceful inner life. She is also the founder and President Emeritus of Higher Self Yoga.

“My life’s work is to promote a world culture of peace, and strengthen the emotional health of children.”