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Our Commitment to Black Lives Matter

An awakening is happening and we find ourselves on an historic threshold of meaningful change in America, change that is long overdue and which has been paid for by the lives of countless people of color and other marginalized groups.

Standing in solidarity with those who are demanding change will not be enough. Most of us do not understand the pervasiveness of systemic racism that seeps into every corner of public and private life. We must fight the racism we can see and educate ourselves about the more subtle forms of racism we cannot yet see in ourselves. We need laws to ensure safety and opportunity for all, but the greater and more profound change will be in our hearts.

We, the Board of Directors and Staff of the Center for Peace through Culture, affirm our commitment to work toward greater understanding, inclusivity and social justice for all those who have been denied that respect. Let us cultivate compassion and a love of justice to create a new world culture of peace for all, as symbolized by the Black Lives Matter movement