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Spring 2018 Update

It’s an exciting time here at CPC! We have many initiatives and programs underway and in various stages of development—all designed to strengthen individuals and communities, and promote peaceful, creative, productive environments where all people can flourish.

LifeSchool Summer Retreat for Elementary School Teachers

Building off the success of the 2016-17 LifeSchool Teacher Training pilot, completed with 10 teachers at the Conte Elementary School in Pittsfield, MA, and subsequent successful implementations in the Crosby, Muddy Brook, and Allendale elementary schools, CPC is offering a LifeSchool Summer Retreat for Elementary School Teachers in 2018. Preparations are underway to train teachers in meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and good nutrition, as well as approaches to integrating these skills into the academic curriculum to create peaceful, nurturing environments for all.

Here’s how one of past participants described their experience:

“I’ve learned a great deal about myself through this program: coping strategies for stress, and how to manage my feelings. Now I can have more empathy and patience when it comes to handling difficult situations with students and adults in my personal life.”

Banner of Peace Award

In 2018, CPC will select recipients for our first annual Banner of Peace Award, recognizing a visionary individual or organization making outstanding contributions to fostering a culture of peace in their communities and around the world. Our vision is that this award will help CPC join with peacemakers across the globe in promoting a culture of peace.